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A LIMITED-EDITION collaboration

Exclusive Music + Wine Experience

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Two essential records, six glasses of expertly curated wine, two nights of music and wine in perfect harmony.  Only 500 bundles available!

Vinyl Me, Please and VINEBOX are excited to partner and offer the ultimate music and wine experience.  It all started over a glass of wine and an album, and we didn't want it to end.  So we've perfectly paired 2 albums with 6 glasses of wine. However you cut it, here's two nights of music + wine delivered to your door for a limited time only.

Foot-Stomping Blues + Barolo Improvised Classical + Bordeaux

As Big Bill Broonzy sings you folk songs, your palate sings along with 3 glasses of stunning Italian wines. Start with an easy going Barbera and work your way up to the foot-stomping crescendo of the album and in your glass, ending perfectly with the King of Italian wines, Barolo. 

But that's only half of it. The next night (or next hour, if you can't wait), tune into a composer who doesn’t write down pieces and instead records them live in one take. As you witness his astounding improvisation, sip on 3 glasses of our favorite French wines. The highlight comes in the last act when the album reaches a somber tone and you're enjoying a glass of 10-year old Bordeaux.


$ 119 

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Shipping Included

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